Code Techniques


Contained within this section is articles I’ve written about coding techniques that I’ve either learned from others or developed myself. Feel free to use them in your projects to enhance your visitors’ experiences.

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When working on site in agencies with junior interface engineers, you’re frequently asked, “How do I do this?”, or “This isn’t working properly, what did I do wrong?”

Honestly, I don’t mind handing over some code I wrote on another project that demonstrates the proper way to kill the bug or create the intended visual effect, however I personally never want either my colleagues or my clients to know that there’s a problem I don’t have a solution for. Likewise, I find that information sinks in for me when I work through a problem by myself over handing my code over to someone else to fix for me.

However, when I say that I like to work through the problem myself, that doesn’t mean I don’t rely on any outside help. Of course I take advantage of the thousands of “how to” and “tips and techniques” Web sites across the Web. It always seems strange to me when a younger developer says they can’t do something when they have access to the greatest and most vast instruction manual the World has ever known.

Anyway, I wanted to give a little back with this section. My plan is to add new techniques as I find time to add them. Hopefully this section doesn’t become too stagnant; what with personal and professional obligations. I’ll do my best to keep adding to what’s here. I have a lot of experience to share. All I need is the time to write it all out.